The best solutions always begin with smart planning. Timmons Group has worked with clients for over 20 years to streamline the gap between the “now” and the “future” that creates an implementation framework to drive smarter decision making. Our proprietary discovery and planning processes serve as the foundation to craft a tailored strategy for each individual client.


Maine Library of Geographic Information (GeoLibrary)
Hampton Roads Planning District / Hampton Roads Transportation Organization (HRPDC/HRTPO)
Oregon Department of Transportation
Philadelphia Gas Works ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Design, Build, and Managed Services
Port of Tampa Bay GIS Enterprise Managed Cloud Services
King County Property Tax Administration System Proof of Concept
City of Fayetteville — Cityworks AMS & PLL Implementation
Mobilize MDC! RoadMap
National Association of State Foresters — Forestry Performance Measures
Enterprise GIS Strategic Planning, Design and Implementation (Fairfax Water)
VITA Enterprise GIS Strategic Planning
Enterprise GIS Strategic Planning